Extermination of wasps, urgent intervention

Dealing with a wasp’s nest? Don’t approach it yourself, call us instead

The best way to exterminate wasps is to contact professionals. Do not approach the nest, move the children away and immediately call our team of specialists for a wasp extermination. Some people (17%) may have an allergic reaction due to a wasp sting, or even anaphylactic shock, or severe circulatory and cardiac problems. Whether it is for a nest in the ground, under a gallery, on the edge of the Swimming pool or in a tree, our certified technicians are trained to be able to proceed safely.

Learn To Recognize And Differential Wasps

Wasp’s have a yellow abdomen streaked with black lines, measuring 11 to 18 mm. It is distinguished from the bee by the marked separation of the thorax and the abdomen. The bumblebee and hornet are more hairy and taller than the wasp, they are recognizable to their noisy flight and are mostly harmless.

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